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Page 24 – Paperwork

Page 24 – Paperwork published on 1 Comment on Page 24 – Paperwork

It just goes to show you, every job has it’s share of awful paperwork. Can you imagine how brutal it would be at a place like Area 51, especially pre-computer? Yikes. I would think a background check at Area 51 would consist of them just downloading your past out of your brain and combing through it for bad stuff using some high-powered search engine. I thought it would be refreshing to see an old school bulletin board somewhere in Area 51 since they still have stacks of paperwork. You can see it in the background.

There would be some good perks to working there, aside from the obvious getting to know government secrets. You probably never have to worry about that random coworker who filches your food from the fridge. They probably have state-of-the-art fridge cams for fridge justice.

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