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Page 16 – Conversation

Page 16 – Conversation published on 2 Comments on Page 16 – Conversation

Banning smoking from inside most buildings and restaurants was one of the best decisions ever. I’m in a band and spent countless nights in smoky bars praying that the smoke wouldn’t kill my voice for the show. I was incapable of carrying on a decent conversation at the end of many nights. It’s been outlawed to the point now that when I actually see someone smoking I’m a little bit surprised and immediately reminded of how bad it smells. I’m not trying to offend you if you smoke but I think we can both agree it doesn’t smell like a spring garden.

Maybe smoking in the interrogation room is his way of trying to annoy Ariel into giving him answers to his questions. Her reward could be fresh air. Regardless, she’s in a bad spot. Who are these guys? Government? Organized crime? Splinter Cell? Hopefully she has a trick or two up her sleeve to get out of this mess.

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