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Page 11 – The Study

Page 11 – The Study published on 20 Comments on Page 11 – The Study

If I ever become independently wealthy enough to build my own house you can bet I’m going to have a study and secret doors all over the place. I’m kind of obsessed with them. I don’t know why exactly, maybe it’s just that I like the idea of having a fun secret mixed with the novelty of something mysterious from years of watching mystery movies. I don’t really have any crazy valuables to hide or dark personality stuff to conceal, I’d settle for a badass private movie viewing room or recording studio. Maybe a workout room. As long as it had a ridiculously elaborate hidden entrance I’m cool with it.

As for Ariel, maybe this is the one time she can cut Copernicus some slack for smacking over her drink. Cats live to do that crap. After years of living with cats I’m more convinced than ever that they are just agents of chaos. They are like the Joker in the Dark Knight, just excited to watch the world burn. As for what’s behind that door… See you next page. 🙂

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