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Page 3 – Moron

Page 3 – Moron published on 17 Comments on Page 3 – Moron

Charlie means well but he kinda is a moron. We all have that friend whose heart is in the right place but whose mouth is in the WRONG place. I think those people are going to become more prevalent because of social media and the ‘click before thinking’ mentality. Filtering out your stupid thoughts before they escape your mouth will be a lost art, like ninja vanishing or blowing on Nintendo cartridges. What’s next? Punctuation? Actually, yeah, it’s totally going to be punctuation. If you want to impress someone and blow their mind, write them a grammatically correct letter and mail it to them. That’s right, stick it in an envelope, lick it, put a stamp on it, walk it to your mailbox and put the little flag thingy up. Crazy, right? Think about how much more a handwritten letter means in this day and age! They’ll be putty in your hands!

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